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Defending American Exceptionalism Of the people. By the people. For the people.


Mission Statement

The United States of America is exceptional. It was founded on the core values of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

ACEK Fund is committed to protecting the ideals of these individual rights, freedom of will, and personal responsibility. We believe in a united country. We reject an America divided into categories, pitting Americans against each other.

Antisemitism / Religious Bigotry

Freedom of Religion is not just an important part of the First Amendment, it is part of the very fabric of our nation.


Opportunity begins with education. Education is the great equalizer.

Free Speech

The most foundational principle to our society, Free Speech must be preserved to allow freedom to prosper.

Good Government

Good government means limited government, national security, responsible spending, and allowing Americans to live in freedom and achieve their dreams.

International Politics

By understanding the place of America in the world, we can compare and contrast what has worked here with the successes and failures of other countries.


The U.S.-Israel alliance is based on shared values and mutual interests; it is a cornerstone for a more secure and prosperous future.