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A Dozen Reasons to be Proud to be American

Here are 12 of America's achievements to be proud of, including promoting freedom worldwide, innovating technologies, and sending men into space.

Over the past several weeks, left wing voices have compounded anti-American sentiment in culture and academia. It’s clear these voices, often ringing loudest in media coverage, choose only to see mistakes and failures instead of America’s achievements. They are eager to depict the nation as possessing many flaws and few virtues.

So, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of what’s great about our country. Despite being made up of imperfect people, America still manages to be the single greatest force for good the world over. Here are just 12 things that America has achieved that ought to make you proud: 

  1. Freed Europe from the oppression of communism and Nazism, risking American lives and fortune to do so.
  2. Sent hundreds of Americans into space, including the first people to land on the moon.
  3. Eradicated debilitating diseases, like polio.
  4. Created the Internet… back in 1985. And pretty much all the technology the world uses today, from smartphones to laser jet printers.
  5. Safeguarded freedom by fighting injustice in our own country and advocating for human rights across the globe.
  6. Invented the first mass produced, practical automobile.
  7. Flew manned flights successfully before any other country.
  8. Won the most Olympic gold medals… and it’s not even close (We’ve got 1,022, more than double the number by #2… the Soviet Union).
  9. Gave more to charitable causes across the globe per capita than any other country.
  10. Founded some of the world’s most ubiquitous and beloved brands, like Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Walt Disney Company, Ford Motor Co., Google, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Boeing, FedEx, Starbucks, Netflix, Kraft Heinz… just to name a few.
  11. Demonstrated to other countries the possibility of honoring multiculturalism while promoting assimilation under the banner of the American Dream.
  12. Upheld freedom of religion, thought and speech as essential to a free society, necessitating tolerance for different ideas and belief systems, as well as the expression of them.

America’s achievements are thanks to a combination of the innovation, hard work and determination of this nation’s thinkers, doers and dreamers and a system that rewards such virtues.

Despite the human shortcomings that have led our country to sometimes fall short of its promise, America has been an overwhelming force for benevolence – both to its own people and to those seeking freedom around the world.

ACEK Staff

ACEK Staff

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